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  • Process Automation

    yonyou OA system helps you to automate multi-dimensional internal administrative processing, which are not covered by existing process approval services. As a comprehensive and integrated platform, OA system is designed to archieve highly effective internal approval process in order to save cost and enhance productivity.

    • Free-designed Business Flow
    • Enabling the process initiator to define permission of the participants, supervisors, etc., OA system provides a free collaborative communication to improve efficiency of the whole team.

    • Standard Business Flow

    • Created by administrator, the standard template and business flow can be utilized by other users and its properties, permissions, constraint conditions are all pre-set by the form administrator, which effectively regulate the organization and management behaviour.

      Process Type Form Creator Node Constraint Purpose
      Standard Flow Fixed Form Administrator Standard Pre-set Communication optimization
      Free-designed Flow flexible Initiator Defined by Initiator Generally None Policy implementation
      Action Initiate, Remarks, Add Signer, Delete Signer, Countersign, Current Countersign, Return, Specific Return, Forward, Terminate, Monitor
  • Knowledge Community

    The enterprise will generate a large number of documents and files during business processing. OA System supports storing, sharing, filtering and reaching files in the knowledge sharing platform of enterprise, and improve the cability of knowledge management.

    • Document Centre
    • Supporting storage of all current document formats, supporting multi-department customizable document architecture, and organization-level document publishing.

    • Knowledge Sharing Centre
    • Through open, manageable public knowledge platform to share knowledge, and incentives to encourage members to contribute their personal experience, to share knowledge, effectively expand organizational knowledge and wealth.

    • Personal Knowledge Centre
    • Faster access to information and knowledge, with such a more accurate and open system you can quickly locate the relevant knowledge, supporting a variety of search conditions and keyword full-text search.
  • Administration Management

    The administrative routines are complex and time-consuming to administrators and managers. If you want to reduce the cost of organizational operations, OA would be the best choice for you to deal with routine issues.

    • Managing Office Supplies. By using system to achieve office supplies applications, approval, and direct access to the use of office supplies.
    • Office Equipment Management. By using system to manage utility status of your office equipment. Applications and approvals can be made online.
    • Books and Materials Management. By using system to complete the application of books and materials and check the status of books and materials.
    • Conference Management. By using system to issue a meeting and automatically notify the participants while booking the conference room, in order to reduce communication costs.
    • Vehicle Management, including vehicle use applications and approval, vehicle information registration and vehicle use statistics and other functions.
  • Corporate Culture Construction

    As intangible assets, the importance of the company culture has been self-evident. OA system shall promote corporate culture through various aspects to employees to establish a comfort and inspiring working atmosphere for staff.

    • Customize system login page, to establish the corporate culture image.
    • Portal space, customized portal, to provide employees with a unified office entrance, personal office information display panel, and other heterogeneous management system integration, breaking the information island, and establish a complete and effective information platform.
    • News, to facilitate enterprises quickly transferring the latest advice, and spread positive energy.
    • Announcements, via which employees would be informed of the latest business decisions and help enterprises to enhance cultural construction
    • Forums, the establishment of internal forums, and independent modules, for employees to create a platform for free speech and suggestions.
    • Investigation, to support enterprises quickly completing various types of internal investigations and surveys for analysis and reports. The user initiates internal surveys in company.
  • Work on-the-go

    Mobile APPs, as a collaborative extension of terminal system, break the constraints of traditional office administration, and let you get access to office business at anywhere in anytime.

    • Mobile Approval, to replace the computer office function to complete the daily approval of affairs
    • Information Query, access to company news at anytime
    • Communication, instant communication with colleagues through mobile applications
  • Customized for your needs

    Business Builder provides enterprises with a basic business management platform to manage the daily routines of document transfer, event management, process monitoring, team collaboration and information sharing. It is a tool to improve the quality of business management and collaboration.

    • Application Easy-to-design, business fit the characteristics of their own applications.
    • Zero-code Production, greatly reducing the system delivery cycle.
    • Business Package, the scattered business would be integrated into a real business system

    Case Study - Dormitory Management

    Built the Dormitory Management System via Business Builder to monitor the enterprise owned and leased dormitories, which facilitate enterprise master staff dormitory distribution, dormitory applications or approval, dormitory expenses management, dormitory statistical analysis.

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